Great app for real estate agents

Check out GoConnect, it's an app designed for iPhone and Android by real estate agents. I've been using it and I think you'll like it. Here's a link to download it for free: (iPhone users) (Android users)

It helps you handle transaction checklists and lead follow up, like a mobile CRM program. Here's a link to their website if you want more info.

Have a great day!

The Review Process

When we created the Go Reality Show, we didn't know if it would work or not, but that was irrelevant. We were going for it.  The design of the show and the training would tell us if it worked. Feedback from the audience. Social Media interactions. Emails.  Did it resonate with our agents and their network?  It sure did!

We are taking that same approach with our GoConnect reviews.  We might be better off by taking the time to put in a formal review process...but how can you really measure cool factor?

Go Reality Show meet GoConnect

Go Reality Show fans - we are at it again!  (no, not another reality show)

We have another crazy idea and we think you'll be excited about this one too.  We are designing an iPhone app called GoConnect.  Since dreaming up the Go Reality Show, we have been hell bent on finding more creative ways to help our agents succeed.  We turned to the most basic of places - the real estate transaction.  We have designed a checklist app for real estate agents to handle all the tasks associated with getting homes from contract to closing.  Handling these items smoothly is one of the major keys to an agent's success.  It leads to happier clients and a more efficient business.

But this time, we didn't stop with our own agents.  We have over 1000 agents from 47 states waiting to test the first version of GoConnect.  We are sharing it with the world because once again, we think there has to be a better way. 

We just don't have a catchy theme song yet....

2 years ago...

It's hard to has been two years since we first hatched this crazy idea.  Big thanks to our fearless leader, Kevin Woody, and our host, Zach Schabot for making this crazy dream possible.  And a huge thank you to the contestants from our first two seasons!

Curious about where they are now?

Jill Booth (Season 1) is now the #2 agent in our company...she will do over $7mm of business this year!

Nam Pham (Season 1) is hitting his stride and making it happen.  He is on target to do $3mm in 2013.

Karen Coe is killing it in her first year of real estate...she has already sold $3.5mm in her first 8 months...that girl is on fire!

More updates and details about season 3...stay tuned!

What A Finish!

Our cast members hit the finish exhausted and drained.  We so appreciate all their efforts during the Go Reality Show, Season 2.  It was an amazing experience for them and we celebrated their accomplishments this past Tuesday at the EPIC Go Show.  Two highlights for me as I review this season's experience. 

One, each of the cast members finished the Show with valuable, quality leads for business.  After all the  marketing shenanigans, the fundamental objective is to help agents build their business for the immediate future.  I was amazed when our fourth place finisher arrived at her first coaching session after the show and told me: "I've got four buyer leads. What do I do now?"  Yep, I kind of love that. 

Two, when we announced the winners at our team meeting, our other agents threw roses at them.  The engagement and mutual support that occurred over the month was very special.  Small people complain and grumble about the details of an experience like this one, but people who get it, throw roses.  "Throwing roses" may become a whole new expression around here at Go. 

We had a real battle for position between the 2nd and 4th place finishers, a very tight race.  Our champion for the season pulled well out front in several categories.  All of them did amazing, super-powered activities.  Congrats to all.

1st Place:      Krisele Monseratte
2nd Place:    Steve Nicewarner
3rd Place:     Stacy Danzey
4th Place:     Karen Coe

The real work begins now.  Audience, we love you!  Thank you for following this season, encouraging your favorite player, and participating in all our votes.  

Go Reality Show II - Episode 4

What have our contestants learned? Check out Episode 4 and find out. 
Tune in on Tuesday, November 6th, to find out who won!

Thanks for following along!

Parting Shots

When a major chapter in life concludes, its really valuable to take time to reflect.  Last week the cast finished season 2.  We want to thank them from the intensity of their effort throughout October, the tremendous impact they made with their networks, and their flexibility in working with the entirely unreasonable schedule we set for this project. We tend to do that.  Despite the obstacles, they performed with grace, impact, and flair.  Just the kind of people we love to have on the team.  They have earned their spots, and we look forward to them getting their official Go tattoo ;) 

Tuesday night, October 30th, look for the Season Finale on our Facebook page.  The crazy editing staff at Go Productions will be up late tonight working out the details (Thank you, Jim Garman). 

So back to that reflection stuff.  As a final assignment, we asked each cast member to create a video with their insights from the season.  Here's what they had to say, and one of them is already set for Halloween festivities:

Karen Coe 

Steve Nicewarner

Kriselie Monserrate

Stacy Danzey