Hitting the Bars...Producer Strategy Session

#1 - Look good.  That's right, dress for the occasion.
#2 - Find the hottest spots in town.  Ask Stephanie to get you on the lists.
#3 - Go from 9:30-11:30...after that it will be a little too crazy to talk
#4 - Be bold...walk up to people, introduce yourself, tell them about this crazy show
#5 - Hand them a flyer and scribble your name on it.  Be sure they know to mention your name in the application for extra credit...we want to know who scores the most applicants
#6 - Ask about their friends...they may already have a great job, but maybe they have a friend who is in transition who would be perfect.
#7 - Be sure you are talking with people 22-28.
#8 - Don't drink and drive, this would be difficult to explain to our insurance agent
#9 - Have fun!
#10 - Take some videos and pictures to post here!
#11 - Talk with bar tenders...be sure they know about the show