Hitting the Bars...Tweets, Pics, Videos

Dear Producers,

It's not enough to look good, meet a bunch of cool people, and drink.  We need you to work out there. That means tweeting frequently with hash tag #goreality, and mentioning @gorealty.  HUGE bonus points for mentioning someone who you meet.  For example:

Bar hopping tonight has lead us to @johndoe - He's 24 years old, cute, and considering applying for a spot on the #gorealityshow - Go John!  

If you are in a certain club, find out the handle and use it...Here are some:


Pictures are a must!  Snap away!  Videos are worth EXTRA bonus points.  We'd love to see the people you are talking with!  Send them to us, or post on twitter, or FB Go page.  You are out there to build the buzz, be memorable.