The Idea

What if we left the school thing to the people who are really good at it?  HPW and Fonville & Superior...these guys are awesome.  They know the system, they have great instructors, and they have a proven track record of preparing students for the state exam.  Let's not try to recreate a real estate school, it could take us years to catch up.  And at what cost?

What if we built a program of education on top of the traditional 75-Hour course?  What if we taught all the real stuff people need to learn to become great real estate pros?  (and here's where it started to get interesting)

What if we put together a class of people?  You know, a group, 10-12 people.
What if they attended the traditional class while we were teaching them the really useful stuff?
And what if we targeted young people?  22-28 year olds?
Can we do that?  Legally?  Note to self, find out.
And what if we paid for their real estate class?
How much is that?  Ok, cool, $400 is no problem.
What is the quickest real estate 75-hour course?  4 weeks.  Cool.
What if we added another 4 weeks of our training?
What if we paid each student a $1,000 stipend during the 8 weeks?
Is this taxable?
Would paying the students 1k make people want to come?
What else could we do for them?
10 people, 8 weeks, this sounds like a reality show?

Wait...maybe it is a reality show?

What if they lived together?  Could we pull that off?
What if we filmed them everyday?
What if we published weekly episodes on YouTube?
Would people watch?
Oh crap, we need vans.

You can see how this quickly got out of control.  But here we are 5 days later...and no one can talk us out of it.  We have already lined up a video crew (which by the way, consists of a two camera guys, an editor, a sound guy, and a runner)...a house (maybe)...we've identified the dates, the class...and Kelty has even knocked out an online application for us.

Game time.