Introducing the Go Reality Show to the Triangle

7 days after the idea

Our host is locked up.  Logo & website complete.  Online application ready.  Pursuing several possible Go Cribs.  Video production company on retainer.  Initial tweet with hash tag #gorealityshow sent into the twitterverse.  Tweet Deck set up to follow #gorealityshow activity.  

"Make no little plans...they have no magic to stir men's hearts..."  - Daniel Burnham

Next 2 days...knock out promo video, print flyers, post on Craigslist, distribute to local colleges and graduate schools.  

This weekend... twelve Go Reality show "producers" will descend on the hottest spots in town.  Thank you Stephanie for the hook ups...I never would have realized we needed to be on a "list" to get in to some of these places.  Our target person:  age 22-28, unemployed or underemployed, ready to dive into a career in real estate, not afraid of cameras, and memorable.  

Know this person?  Introduce us, please.