Origin of the Go Reality Show

Kevin:  How do we lock up the next generation of real estate talent?

Jim:  (silence)

Kevin:  Our brand resonates with young people, but how do we reach them?  How do we put ourselves on the map as a career for the best and brightest?

Jim:  (silence)

Kevin:  Should we start a real estate school?  It's a great way to be sure we get a "look" at all the incoming real estate agents before they are committed to a particular firm.  All the big boys are doing it.  It's not a money maker, for sure.  But maybe we could make it cool?

Jim:  (silence)

Kevin:  Jim?

One month later

Kevin:  Have you given any more thought to the school thing?

Jim:  A school is a pain in the ass.  You know it, I know it.  Here are my thoughts...

  1. It's such a freakin' bureaucracy...licensing the school, teaching exactly what the commission tells us, following rules, rules, rules.  Kevin, we are not the best at rules.  
  2. What would make our school better than anyone else?  We're teaching the same stuff.  It's mandated by the commission...blah, blah blah.  
  3. It doesn't jive with our brand.  We're building a company of bright, energetic, creative people... a place where the norms are challenged, where tradition is scrapped, and new ideas are adopted based on a gut feeling.  A school just doesn't fit with this.  It would be an anchor.  And take a bunch of our time.  
Kevin:  So, again, I'll ask, how do we lock up the next generation of real estate talent?

Jim:  I've got an idea...