I love the HBO show Entourage.  I won't give you a bunch of psychological reasoning...its just a cool show and I like it.  This post is dedicated to the entourage.

You know the day will be busy when you leave for work and the moon is still out.  I started out at 5am with a trip to JoCo to film Jill and her crew.   I can't believe Jill has the power to get 10 women up at 5:30a with custom made t-shirts on, ready to run AND be on camera.  Seriously?  That is pretty powerful.  She has a crazy supportive group of friends, but more importantly - a very supportive family too.  She came in from running, changed clothes and whipped up breakfast for 3 kids which included cereal, eggs and smoothies.  No biggie.  THEN, without warning she hands me a bagel sandwich.  What?  I tried to turn it down but as you have learned, Jill is pretty persuasive.  After breakfast she showed us her studio and schooled us on the art of finding letters.  All this and I was home to take my kids to school on time.  Wish I could be a morning person everyday.  

Around lunch time, we visited Dominique's Boutique in North Raleigh.  What a vibe!  We got to hang out with Jina during a photo shoot.  She was modeling for a new clothing line at Dominquies, a cool store with good music and lovely people.  Honestly, it was way too cool a scene for JG and I - but there we were.  Jina had a small army helping her with hair and make up and another army to direct photos and styling.  What I saw today is that Jina has the power to light up a room.  She is confident in her abilities, but not above taking direction or asking for help.  I was lucky to be nearby.

I don't know if the Go Reality Show will ever be on HBO but man, these are some cool people.  And their real life entourages are ready to offer unconditional support.  Should be interesting.  Oh yeAH.