Everything I learned...

Everything I learned, I learned from the Go Reality Show. Today, I learned Nam carries a bike bump in his car and is wicked on a BMX bike with pegs. Jina is willing to ride a skateboard behind a car like Michael J Fox in Back to the Future. Haley looks as comfortable on roller blades as she does in flip flops. AND I learned we TOTALLY missed the fact Jill was a college athlete and former college soccer coach.

I also learned how to do voiceover, direct a video shoot and how to "sell" sponsorships. I learned Crush It! makes a great gift, and how fast these competitors can rally their tribe when given a challenge where points are awarded.

Guess what else... I learned about asbestos abatement, two new development projects, submitted an offer (confession time- already knew how to do that) and re-signed two clients. I learned my current clients get really excited when I tell them about our innovative ideas for the show, and it takes a long time to get a short sale approved. Seriously. A long time.

I learned hiring Candace was a smart move and the Cypress Hill Pandora station is underwhelming. Sad face.

I learned playing tennis when its 90 degrees at 7:00pm is not easy. And most importantly, I learned I can pull off all these things and still give my beautiful kids a kiss good night before they go to bed. (side note - my wife is a saint, I am the luckiest guy in the world...already knew that too)

The morale of the story? Never stop learning. Its way too much fun!