Irregardless of the floppy sock...

If you have a sick sense of humor like me, you might remember Adam Sandler's skit about the severe beating of a high school science teacher.  One of the lines uttered by said science teacher was "Plutonium.  It's just fun to say.  Plutonium."

That's what I think every time I say Nam Pham.  It's just fun to say.  Nam Pham.  And after spending some time with Nam Pham today at Irregardless Cafe in Raleigh...I like saying it even more.  What a dynamic dude!   He is a connector at heart and that is going to pay off BIG time.  I cannot wait for you to hear more about his childhood.... all I can say is you may feel very enlightened. 

Oh- and if you are wondering about the "floppy sock" in the title of this post... check this.  JG and I finish filming with Nam Pham and he says "Let's get a few shots of you in front of the cafe."  As we walk outside, and without warning, he asks "Hey Zach, do you have a sock in your car?"  (and the award for weirdest question of the day goes to.....)

What we discovered is that a dress sock fits on a directional mic and provides a great makeshift solution to muffle unwanted background noise.  Did it fit nice and neat?  No.  Floppily?  Yes.

Now I have three fun things to say.  Plutonium.  Nam Pham.  Floppy Sock.