I think most people know the term "reality show" utilizes a very loose definition of the term "reality."  Well I had a real experience today worth sharing.

I met some clients at a local Starbucks to sign an offer to purchase this morning.   As we were wrapping up, a woman came up to our table and mentioned to RL (my client and the manager of the Starbucks) there was a gentleman outside who she was worried about.  He was sitting by himself and was clearly suffering from heat exhaustion or intoxication or both.  Regardless of what it was, and without passing judgement, the woman took a large glass of ice water out to the man.  Another woman said, "I will call the EMT."  And yet another woman said, "I will call the police."

Today I witnessed a group of people who showed a genuine concern for a complete stranger.  It was heartwarming and makes me even happier about the people I work with.

Authenticity is a quality that cannot be faked.