Season 1 Details

Dear Go Reality Show applicants and fans,

So good to meet the applicants over the past few weeks!  I especially loved having three of you to the Go Show this week, you guys fit right in with our wacky culture.  And the references to our "Culture Book" know I'm a sucker for that stuff, thank you.

As promised, here are the details about Season 1...our pilot show...someday I'll update the rest of this site to reflect this version 1.0, but for now, let this entry suffice:

  • 4-6 Contestants
  • 6 Weeks + 2 days:  July 26th-September 7th
  • $10,000 First Prize - paid as described in prizes section with other benefits
  • $2,000 Second Prize - ditto
  • $1,000 Third Prize - ditto
  • 6 episodes - amateur production - think blair witch, think pilot program, lower your expectations here.
  • 9:00-5:00 every week day together...1-2 hours of homework every night - No living together this first season
  • $125/week stipend for expenses
  • We pay for class and materials
  • And we teach you mad real estate skilz
Season 1 will be proof of concept for this show.  We are confident we can nail the real estate skilz part...the reality show is a little bit a stretch, but we are going to go for it.  

More than anything, we want to be sure that when you finish the program you are better prepared than any other rookie real estate pro in the world.  If you are committed to this same objective, we are going to have a good time.  

If you want to be average, this may not be a good fit.  

I'll be in touch tonight with call back information.  I really enjoyed the videos that you guys did, these were some of my favs!  

Game Time.