Season 1 - Final Revised & Edited & Really Final Details

7 Weeks - August 1 - September 20th - OK, it's 7 weeks and two days, we want to wrap up on a Go Show day!

Afternoons off - Tuesday and Friday's Starting at 2:30 PM - I like this idea, we all have stuff we will need to be getting done, this will give you that opportunity.

$1,050 Stipend for Expenses - Paid Weekly in chunks of $150

4 Contestants - We're going for it with you guys!  We couldn't dream of a better group for Season 1 - You guys are passionate, memorable, and just plain perfect.  You guys are it.

Prizes:  I've updated the prize tab of this blog...We can't wait to award these prizes to you!

Video Shoots - Our goal is to produce 8 episodes.  Just like you are learning real estate, I'll be learning video production skills.  And just like you guys, I'm cocky, I believe I can make it look fantastic!  We are shooting with pro equipment and editing with Final Cut Pro.  I'm going to pour myself into.

Video Shooting Time - Count on 8-10 hours of shooting per week, this will be terribly boring and not real estate related, but it will pay off big time in helping your fan base follow your journey.

Blogging - Zach and I have realized that you guys will also become blogging fools...along with Zach, you will be doing daily entries in the "backstory" blog so your fans can follow you there.  Some entries will be video, some pics, some text...but all of them will be heartfelt.  Much like a diary.

Official Youtube channel - The other place people will subscribe to follow you will be the you tube channel, which will post the official episodes.

One of your jobs will be building a following on both of these media platforms.

Shirts are being ordered today.  I'm meeting Haley this afternoon to start filming.  All I need is an email from you guys saying you are IN.  I can't wait to start this adventure.