Ship it. Ship it good.

Today was an exciting day - it was our first day of filming the Go Reality Show!  This crazy idea we dreamt up was actually happening.  (That’s kind of our m.o. at Go Realty)
JG and I met Haley at the McDonalds on Western Blvd in Raleigh (which is pretty awesome) so we could shoot part of her intro video on NC State’s campus.  It was hot and humid...but it didn’t matter.  We were so pumped about starting this new show and getting cool shots the heat seemed only mildly excruciating.  Next season we’ll budget for the air conditioned trailers and make up team.  
We spent an hour learning about Haley...and learning how to use this nice $2000 camera Jim bought for the show - complete with directional mic attachment and headphones.  Sounds legit, right?  The crazy thing is you’d think a camera with that many features and that big of a price tag would be really impressive looking.  It’s not.  The technology in cameras has gotten so good our new camera looks like a really fancy handheld you would use to film an elementary school play... 
But so what?  No other real estate company in the Triangle can pull of what we’re doing.  Imagine spending months and months of planning and analyzing in some board room with no shipping?  No thanks.    
In less than 8 weeks, we are going to have this show wrapped.  There will be a new set of licensed agents with mad real estate skillz and a huge following, kicking ass on day one.