Over the past month I have been meeting more and more people that have been memorable and even spoke of the word memorable. What do you think about when you have met someone or had a conversation with someone? Were they memorable? Yesterday, Meredith Oliver spoke to us about many concepts, ideas and marketing. But she spoke to me without even knowing it, about a single word that people would think of when they think of you...What is that word? That is your personal brand. I think that word can vary a bit, but I do believe that it will be pretty similar to one that everyone would come up with if asked...Sure does make you think...

MEM-O-RA-BLE: adj. Worth being remembered or noted; remarkable.

My life has been full of people that I can consider memorable. They are my PEOPLE!!! Each one of them has touched me and given me so much. Their impact, support, loyalty, love, honor, respect, knowledge and leadership is with me every single day. The wonderful people, new and old, that I surround myself with are memorable. It is great to think about what one word would describe their own personal branding. Thank you Meredith for opening my eyes to their individual brilliance with one word!

I have sat in a a class for 75 hours over the past 3+weeks. I have had to remember tons of material for a class exam and a state exam. I NEED it to be in my head-my memory...I NEED to pass this exam...But, I have had the honor to take an intense class with about 18 other individuals. All unique and now part of this unbelievable experience with me. I would like to say a few things that I hope will be memorable about a few of our fellow classmates. (I have a huge list for Jina, Haley and Nam so I will exclude them.) They don't even know the impact that they have ALL had in my life over the past month. It was way more than just sitting a few rows away in class...I can't come up with just one word yet so I will try to always remember them by how they touched me and made me a better person by getting to know them. I also don't think I can use names-so I won't...These people gave me fond memories that I will look back on and I hope that each and everyone one of them will be memorable!

One gentleman drove 13 hours one way to see his grandson play in a tennis tournament, that is pure love. He also was the class favorite and so witty!
A sweet woman is heading back to work force after a few years of being home with her small children. She was a executive in the banking industry. She also made the BEST chocolate cake ever for us!
Another girl has the best sense of humor. I laughed daily with her!
The socks that this guy wore were a riot. Soft spoken and quiet until he put on a cowboy hat and pretended to buy a huge cattle farm!
A college professor that teaches two foreign languages, came to class, and conducted business with clients in Brazil. Awesome man.
The professional photographs that I have seen that this man takes will take your breathe way. I could see the eye lashes on an exotic bird that he featured. Unreal!!
Another soccer goalkeeper was in the "house" all month. He was also able to work all night and then come right to class before he was able to get his rest. The dedication...
The most dedicated auditor of a class that I have ever seen. She was there for the full amount of time and she just wanted to learn the material so that she could be a better accountant. WOW!
A professional home staging pro. that has a talent that most will never be able to give her credit for. Her talent speaks volumes when her client sells their home!
The tired, brand new daddy of a 4 week old baby. Sleep deprivation was not going to stop him from being part of this group.
A sweet young woman that was able to add to discussions effortlessly. She know more about a title than any of us combined!
There was also a young man that added to the environment by his complete attentiveness to the material and the discussions.
Our leader is memorable for me already...she is THE BEST. I would brand her with those two words...THE BEST!

The 75 hours we just plowed through will be memorable. The content better be memorable as I gear up for my final study sessions. But, I must say that the individuals that I have had the privilege of spending my month with are all part of me now and they are all fantastic. Time to put my memory to the test and pass these exams!!!