Be Nimble. Be Quick.

Problem solved!  Yesterday, our stars expressed their concerns about learning the class material well enough to ace the test coming up in two weeks.  (novel concept here - we listened. Then took action. Quickly.)  Yes, this is still a competition, and there is still $10,000 on the line.  But remember - they can't put their skillz to use if they don't pass the exams.

We're bringing in the experts.

First, we called Chris Barnette, one of the most highly regarded real estate instructors in the area.  Word on the street is he has taught over 5000 students in his career.  He will conduct private tutoring sessions for our stars to compliment what they learn in class.  We have 4 people with 4 different learning styles.  Chris will tailor his lessons to each individual.    

Next, we called Brad Arendt of PrimeLending.  He is our go to guy - an experienced lender with a banking background.  Simply put, he understands how money works.  Brad will help our stars tackle the real estate financing chapters.

We know class is important, but we didn't want to lose sight of the "well rounded" approach we are so passionate about at Go Realty.  So, we called Sheri Moritz, real estate trainer and social media guru.  And Meredith Oliver, author, trainer and internet marketing queen.  Knowledge is power...these women have it and they are willing to share it.

We'll mix in study hall, filming and more challenge events to keep everyone sharp.

We are truly blessed to know industry pros who want to help our stars succeed as much as you do.