It was a typical Wednesday. I had just gotten to my parents' house from a long day of class and Reality Show stuff at Go. I was exhausted and had forgotten that my parents had made arrangements for me to visit with Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Delek.

Both my brothers had met him the previous week, however I wasn't able to go due to my work schedule. My parents were very anxious for me to meet him and explained that he wasn't to be confused with Lama Zopa Rinpoche, whom my parents had hosted at their house several times before in the years previous. Apparently he was even higher in the lineage of Lamas. Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Delek is one of a small number of living lineage lamas who were educated in Tibet before the uprising of 1959. This was only his second visit to the United States.

I didn't really know what to expect as my father pulled into what seemed to be a normal residence. The only thing that seemed out of the ordinary was the monk out front watering the plants in the yard. He was happy to see my parents and quickly moved the car over to one side of the driveway so that my dad could park beside it.

As we walked in, I immediately noticed the altar that my father had built for the Geishelas that lived there. It was the only thing truly setting it apart from any other typical house. My mother gave me a khata and some pastries that she arranged on a plate as an offering for Khensur Rinpoche. I was to present this to him before I received his blessing. We were lead up to his room where we sat on cushions on the floor before Khensur Rinpoche who sat on the bed behind a table. Although I felt a little awkward at first as I knelt before him to receive his blessings, I immediately felt as ease after sitting down and looking up at him. This man was revered by so many people and here I was sitting before him. It was very humbling.

Since Khensur Rinpoche did not speak very much English, the Geishela who stayed at the house translated for us and Khensur Rinpoche. He asked me if I regularly practiced Buddhism. I looked at my parents and smiled. Although I believed in the principles of the religion and tried to live my life by them, I definitely wasn't as devout as my parents were. He explained that as long as I had a good heart and lived my life according to the philosophy of Buddhism, it was all right that I didn't formally practice Buddhism like my parents did. My parents also mentioned to him that I was working towards my Broker's License. He laughed and said, "that's an easy job! You just sit behind a desk all day, answer phones and sell houses!" Knowing that this was not the case at all, I just smiled and thought to myself how boring that would be if that were true.

Before our meeting was over, Khensur Rinpoche gave me another blessing and told me that he could tell I had a good heart and that he would include me in his daily blessings and prayers. Khensur Rinpoche wished me the best with the upcoming exams and my future Real Estate career and then gave me a couple of gifts including a black and white bracelet that had been blessed by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.

As I sat in the backseat of my parents car on our way back to their house, I realized how lucky I was. What else did I need to prepare for the final exams and my future in Real Estate? I had all the resources I needed and the support of my friends and family, everyone at Go, and now I had Khensur Rinpoche's blessings, and ultimately, the Dalai Lama's blessing.

Although this doesn't guarantee that I will pass the exam next week, it does remind me that I am not alone on this journey. I guess I could say I feel really... blessed.