Blue Team... Go!

What a crazy day yesterday was. Jina, Haley, Jill and I were split into two teams. We had a mission: Each team was to visit as many Go Realty Listings as possible in three hours. I approached this challenge with confidence. I knew that Haley and I would make a great team... and boy did we!

After spending three hours in a car with Haley, I've come to the conclusion that she's a pretty cool cat! Immediately, we started messing with the radio so we could start jamming out. This impromptu jam session didn't last too long though, since Nicki Minaj was drowning out the robotic GPS voice. After missing a couple of streets, we decided to turn down the tunes a bit... We had a mission to accomplish. We were pumped and ready to hit up as many Go listings in Raleigh as possible.

I was very pleased to find out that in fact, Haley and I made an awesome team! We left Go Cary that morning with a plan. After a little confusion with the GPS and radio, we ended up going to the wrong house first. I'm still not sure how it happened, but things worked out though. We quickly devised a new plan and went with it. Instead of alternating driving like we had decided earlier at Go Cary, we both stuck to what came naturally to us. I was the tech guy dealing with the iPad, iPhone and GPS while Haley took control of her Honda and got us to all our destinations safely!

While we tried to make the challenge as fun as possible, it was still pretty intense. It was a million degrees outside - we could never seem to get cool enough! Not to mention I couldn't seem to stay organized for the life of me! There were various car chargers, iPhones, papers, books, pens, an iPad... all sorts of stuff falling off my lap. It was a mess. I never really got that under control... but I guess ultimately it didn't matter.

It was a tough challenge, and the Blue Team ended up scoring the most points. However, the experience is what really made it worth it. In the end, Haley and I got to know each other a little better while having some fun along the way too, despite having to drive around in crazy hot weather for three hours, stopping only to film short commercials on our iPhone in front of the houses listed by Go Realty. It was definitely a good challenge. I look forward to next Wednesday when we have off from class again to see what Jim and Zach have in store for us!