Challenge Event - Go Scavange!

Good morning Nam, Haley, Jill, and Jina,

Welcome to the Go Reality Show Scavenger Hunt.  Today, you will divide into 2 teams...the Blue Team and the Black Team.  Your primary mission is to visit as many Go Realty listings as possible between now and 2 PM.  Of course, as usual, there are a some other are the details:
  • 1 Point - You will earn 1 point by taking a picture with the Go Realty sign and posting it to the Go Reality Show blog.  Be sure to ALTERNATE which team member is in the picture.  Strike some good poses, don't be all boring.  You will use your iPhones to post the picture directly to the blog, just like you learned on Monday.  Be sure the title of the blog is like this:  "Blue Team - 123 Main Street - $198,999"  ...Your team name...caps just like the dash space...the address, caps first letters, no dash space...and the price. 
  • 3 Points - Your team will earn 3 points for each video you take that includes the Go Realty sign, a team member (please alternate), and the house in the background.  You will need to give a compelling 30 second commercial for the property.  Think about what you would put in a commercial...what is unique about the home, the community, etc.  The more detail you show, the better.  Have fun, but do not make fun of anything.  This is serious marketing, we have over 400 people following our show so far, we want them to learn about our listings!  Perfect practice makes perfect.  
  • 5 Points - Your team will earn 5 points each time you do the video above...and it includes a short testimonial from someone in the neighborhood about why they love it!  
Be sure your technology is working!  You must upload each video/picture immediately after you leave the property.  Don't save them all for the end, we will be scoring as we follow your progress.  

Oh, there are some other ways to earn points.  These are optional, but you may want to consider if they fit into your route. 
  • 5 Points - Picture of BOTH of you in front of the Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors
  • 10 Points - Picture of BOTH of you in front of the NC Real Estate Commission Office
  • 15 Points - Picture of BOTH of you in front of the Durham Regional Association of Realtors
  • AGAIN - Must post these to blog!
Oh, and here are a few more ways to earn points:
  • Best Video - 1st place 20 points, 2nd place 15 points, 3rd place 10 points - Judged by an elite team of marketing experts...anyone hanging at Go Cary today.  
  • Most Listings Visited - 10 points
  • Furthest Listing from Go Cary - 10 points
  • Do not break traffic laws.  You get pulled over and get a ticket, you lose half of your points.  Be safe.  It's just a game.  It's just $10k.  
  • Do not accept or solicit any real estate business.  You are not licensed...yet!  You laugh, you will find people start to ask you...just say no.  It's against the law.  
  • Be back by 2:00 PM.  You will lose 2 points per minute you are late.  Judged by iPhone time.  
  • Use any/all resources at your disposal...the entire Go Realty team is rooting for you! 
  • Do you have an iphone charger???   You may need one. 
  • Use Glympse - One person per team, set glympse for 4 hours, send to me and Zach....we are going to post your travel paths.  
  • Gas Money - We pay $0.50 per mile for this crazy stuff, keep track of your miles today. 
  • 5 Minute Strategy Session
  • 10 Minute Computer Session
  • Go, Go, Go!
Filming Note:  We will be filming!  Let's talk about how this works!

Alright, that is all Zach and I can think of!  Go!