Challenge Event number 2 - The Facebook Challenge

Dear Go Reality Show competitors,  welcome to your next challenge!

Your mission today, whether or not you choose to accept it, is to fire up your facebook friends!

You will receive one point for every friend you have in common with the Go Realty facebook page by tomorrow at 5pm.    

Use this page as a platform to interact with your friends.  This is important because future events will utilize facebook for voting, so get those people signed up now!  It will pay off later!

Just so you know you're not alone....we have rallied the Go Realty agents for you.  Today at the Go Show, we asked them to reach out to their networks to get more subscribers.  Jim and I have challenged ourselves to match the total for the rest of the agents.  We want 1000 people watching you in episode number 1 next Monday!

Don't forget about us when you're famous!