Can I do it?

My only thought when signing up for Real Estate School was, "could I really do it?" I had always heard that the Real Estate course was really difficult. The stories about people trying and failing miserably were plenty. Not only that, but I hadn't taken any classes in eight years! The thought of getting through the entire Real Estate course and passing the state exam in four weeks was nerve-wracking.

When I arrived at HPW for class the first day, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had spent the previous day reading the first few chapters and found the content rather boring and a little over my head. There were so many new terms and the topics were rather new to me.

Once class started however, I realized that I probably lucked out on the instructor. Kim Frye was not the boring instructor that I had pictured teaching the course. On the contrary, she reminded me a lot of my high school yearbook teacher. Not only did they share the same first name, but both Kim Frye and Kim Trezona were passionate about what they were teaching. It definitely made a difference. Kudos to Kim Frye... Thanks for being a great teacher while keeping us entertained too!

Well, we are about halfway through class now, and I'm still feeling really overwhelmed. It's just so much information to learn in four weeks. I know it's not impossible though. I'm sure that if I stick with the rigorous review and study schedule that Kim has suggested, I can pass the exam and move onto the state exam. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

- Nam