Click Power

It wasn't until starting with Go that I really started using Twitter. I never truly understood how it worked and since I didn't have many friends with Twitter, I found it very impersonal. On the other hand, I knew it could be a really useful tool if used correctly, so I decided to give it another try. Since I only had a few followers, I made it my mission to get more. To do this, I started looking for interesting profiles to start following. I can't remember how I came across @CreatingWOW, but I do remember reading the short bio that came with it. I didn't think that I would ever meet her, but those three sentences peaked my interest enough for me to move my cursor over the "Follow" button and click. It wasn't until today that I realized the Power of Click.

I was very excited when I found out that Meredith Oliver was coming to speak to us when I arrived at Go Cary today. We had just gotten out of class, so I was looking forward to taking a break from studying. I was even more stoked that I was about to actually meet "the digital diva" herself. As we shook hands, she mentioned that she recognized me from Twitter - and I thought Twitter was always impersonal. I was glad to be proven wrong.

Meredith did not disappoint. Her presentation was engaging and it got my creative juices flowing. After she explained her strategy involving a Hub and Drivers, I immediately started thinking about how I was going to use it to help my future business in Real Estate. The possibilities seemed endless.

I'm so glad I got to actually meet @CreatingWOW today... and to think, it all started with a Click.