A Costly Mistake

I was really looking forward to my Saturday night shift at Irregardless. I worked brunch that day and had somehow managed to put together the previous blog on my short break before going into work again. I was pumped. I was hoping that it would be a busy night since I wasn't working again until after the exam on Thursday.

To my dismay, my section ended up being rather slow for a Saturday. I was excited when Amanda, our most proficient hostess, sat me a table of five people who ended up ordering quite a bit of food and several drinks. My check for the table was quickly increasing and I was anticipating a nice tip from it! Everything went really well until I went to close out the check. I realized that when I was splitting up the check, I never charged them for an entire seat. That meant I was left with a bill for Sesame Crusted Tuna, a Cosmopolitan, glass of wine and a coffee. My heart sank. Sure I could use my employee discount for the food, but this was still a large chunk of my tips for the night. How could I have been so careless?

After realizing what had happened, I immediately thought of my instructor, Kim Frye. I could hear her voice telling us to take our time and to not make careless mistakes on the exam questions. "Use your calculator - anyone can make a simple mistake even if it's simple math!" I always tried to take her advice in class, but I didn't really think of taking this advice outside classroom. If I was just a little more careful and had taken the time to seriously look over the check as I was splitting up, I would have noticed my careless error and saved myself the grief of losing out on my biggest tip of the night.

I left work that night undeniably upset at my carelessness. However, I knew it was only me that could have prevented the situation at work earlier. I realize that this may have been a blessing in disguise. Hopefully when I'm taking my exam next week I will take Kim's advice to heart and think of what happened at work on Saturday. No matter how comfortable I am with the information I'm being tested on, I should take my time, read carefully and double-check my answers. Losing out on thirty bucks is a small price to pay if it helps me pass the exam.