A Culture of Innovation

I overheard someone tell our stars yesterday "What an awesome idea...I would LOVE to do something like that!  But there is no way we would get corporate to let us do it."

Sigh.  That makes me sad.  Especially because she would totally rock this kind of project.  

But it also gets me charged up about working for Go Realty.  The beauty of working for a company that supports innovation is you get the chance to try new things.  Instead of spending months analyzing and mapping out a project, we started trying.

We had this idea about doing a reality show to capture the next generation of real estate agents and provide them unparalleled training.  We set out one weekend to see if we could get 10 good people.  If we didn't get the right people we would regroup and try again.  Or try something different.  The risk at that point was minimal, totally worth the time and effort.  

In less than a week, we got 4 amazing people!  Seriously, couldn't have scripted it any better.  So we went for it and tried some more.

We worked at lightning speeds to launch the first episode and had overwhelming support from all over the US.  We're trying some more.  

But, alas!  An obstacle.

We have always wanted to teach these guys mad real estate skillz, in a stupid fast amount of time, and film it, and produce a cool show.  Problem is, we found out today the contestants want to focus their attention on passing the test.  (interesting. hmm. good instincts. guess that is pretty important)  Okay fine, how do we do it all?

How do we help them prepare for the licensing tests, produce a compelling show, have fun, AND get them ready to launch a successful career from day 1?  Oh...and let's not forget they are all competing for $10,000 so we have to pit them against each other and keep score.

We'll keep trying and you keep watching.  I can't wait to see what we come up with...