Easing Into Things

During my senior year at North Carolina State University, I took an agricultural law class. At the time, I thought I would never use the information after graduation! I was definitely wrong. I was surprised to find out I already knew some of the information. Our wonderful teacher, Kim Frye started talking about easements and I said to myself, "Where have I heard that word?" Then I realized my agricultural law teacher, Ted Feitshans, went into great detail about easements. I decided to compare the two classes to see if I would know any of the other information. It turns out the majority of the information relates to one another. In agricultural law, we talked about contracts, estate planning, real property, landlord/tenant relationships, deeds, and marriage laws. Obviously Mr. Feitshans related these subjects to agriculture, but I understood the concepts. I recently emailed Mr. Feitshans to thank him for all of the great information he provided. It turns out the agricultural law class was the best class I could have taken to prepare myself for real estate school.