Good Luck is the BEST kind! Go Jill Go!!!

Over the past few weeks I have talked to a lot of people about real estate and timing of opportunities and why now? We have been in class almost 75 hours. It was today that everything clicked...It was not a math problem that I conquered or a perfect HUD-1 settlement closing. It was what Fredrico, the UNC language professor, that is taking the class with us said about luck. "Luck is being ready at the right time!" He was talking about an opportunity he has with some people in Brazil. But, he was talking right to me! I got it at that moment...I am LUCKY, it is my moment and my right time...

I have talked about real estate being a potential career for some time now. How come I didn't enroll in the community college course that is offered Tues. and Thurs. nights? What made me fill out the application to be on a Reality Show? Most importantly, what made GO REALTY pick me? I was YEARS over the casting call age...I believe that it is my time. My time to be lucky.

Luckily, I have a wonderful family and a group of friends that I think of as my family. They support and are behind me 100%. How can one person have so much luck? But, for some reason today when a classmate spoke, I felt it-TODAY I AM READY for my luck!

Speaking of Lucky, ten years ago I found a 1lb starving black kitten under a car hood. I knew that the kitten was a LUCKY KITTY. So, I named him just that, Lucky! He is still very lucky and so are we. He has been with me for a cross country move from San Diego, about 6 moves along the East Coast, a husband, a baby, another baby, and another baby. He has been part of my life for so many major events. Right now he is watching me while sitting on the desk right next to me. I am one LUCKY mama!!! He is my LUCKY KITTY!

Everything is about to come together. It has to because it just HAS to! It is my right time. It is my LUCK!! Thank you Fredrico! Thank You! GO JILL GO!!!