The first day of filming though exciting to me some would see as exhausting !As the old saying goes it takes a village to raise a took a village to prepare me for this day. my days begin anywhere from 4:30to 5:30 am. Sleeping very little the night before ,due to a combination of excitement and curiosity.Lying there thinking "wow, what an opportunity" contemplating so many times prior on how i could make real estate school a reality for my self. And here it was truly happening. Before i knew it the night was gone the alarm was alerting me to awake for prayer and my morning run. Afterwards, preparing bags,breakfast,lunches,dinner (do to along day),drop the kids,next off to a 9am lash appointment. from there off to Dominique's Boutique for hair,make up and wardrobe. As everyone scattered around to get me primed and prep for the camera Ibegan to reflect once more at the opportunity God had set before me and how he truly brings forth provision for your vision. By noon when Jim and Zach arrived my entire team was hype and ready to help me tackle this mission. It was hilarious to watch all of their different personalities. Yet all coming together for one common goal. This was deeply felt and embraced as they chanted Go Jina! you better go Girl!! lol i can still hear them in my head.