A lot can happen in a day for this MAMA!!!

The sun hasn't even risen yet. This day is going to prove to be a long one...Been up studying for the North Carolina Real Estate exam. Just wanted to read over some of the chapter summaries before I head out on my run. Sometimes if the ideas are fresh in my head I can think about them with some clarity while out pounding the pavement at sunrise.

My mind has started to wander this morning thinking about the day that is beginning right before my eyes. Today is the last day of camp for my gang. It has been so fun for the kids to have had this opportunity at The Kids Hangout. So many to thank I can't express enough appreciation to them all.

Class today is going to be a big deal we hear...Just about the entire class will consist of putting together a closing. Plugging in the math for the buyer and seller and who paid what and who gets what...We have been told it will be about 4hrs of math!!! We were also told to plan on 4 more hours of homework tonight to work out a closing by ourselves!!! Great...

After class heading to GoRealty to polish some new skills...That will be an adventure in itself!!! Hopping in the car after that I will put on a social hat for Alpha Mama Art. There is a ribbon cutting for a newly renovated Buffalo Wild Wings in White Oak. Have to represent Alpha Mama Art there for the Garner Chamber of Commerce after hours event!

The little peeps...they will be with the village that helps us raise our wonderful kids. Just so thankful that I have such a wonderful support system that is helping me navigate through this adventurous time in my life!!! Thank you all so much!!!

Once home tonight I will finish up a few pieces of alphabet art that I have been working on all week. Then I will plow through my 4hrs of math!!!

THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG DAY!!!!! What can you think about before sunrise? Whatever you have going on today, be GREAT at it!!