Magic Blue Papers

Picture 3 of us walking out of SOC400 Statistics class.  It was 1997 and spring was in the air and life was great!!  Except, this one class was standing in the way of a degree and graduation.  Time, more time, and more time was put into the proper preparation for this one class. It was a MAJOR math class for NON math students. We were in it together and we had to get out of it together. 

So, we studied and worked on our magic blue papers that folded so perfectly. We plugged and chugged through formulas and stats. We high-fived each others' success and talked a secret language of codes.
My roommates were not involved in this study environment and they thought that we were CRAZY!! They watched the 3 of us unroll our secret papers and enter a world that only this class knew existed. They watched us with wonder and still, to this day, remember the magic papers that folded with purpose and read like a treasure map for our graduating class!

Tonight my magic papers are spread across my desk. It is roughly 14 years later and I am plugging and chugging through part, rate, whole T-Bar question!!!   I am again speaking and thinking in code...appurtenace, escheats, estovers, furctus industrials, seisin, and littoral property...I am really missing Hillary and Rodney...and the ever faithful roommates Ali and Dr. Pam.

 My world is different but so very similar. I HAVE to pass this test!!!!!   Just let it be known that I ACED that stat class (Hillary and Rodney did too) and I am working VERY hard to do the same for this HPW Real Estate class.   I just need some magic blue papers to feel like I have come full circle!