Marathon, Sprint...MID-TERM...GO JILL GO!!!

How is this Real Estate class half over? Have I read over the chapter summaries enough times? How about the vocabulary lists? Do I have a grip on the math? AHHHHHHHHH!!! 50 Questions...It is not the concepts and the new material, it is the wording of the questions!!!!
How many times can I get tripped up on "D. All of above"? I think I have to go for a run to have some clarity!!! GO JILL GO!!!

This Reality Show is a genius concept if I pass this exam...I want to sell my first home...Find a home for someone searching...Help a family downsize by getting them in a smaller home...Aid in a relocation for a corporate move...BUT this test is standing before me with a massive amount of intimidation. Chapter 2 has so much information in it. There are so many ways to cloud a title...I just know that I have to put more and more time into grasping the concepts for the class. I truly believe that the Real Estate Reality Show is a great idea and a way to launch aspiring agents into the real estate market. But, the textbook is calling my name and I have to take my first mid-term since 1997!

So bring on contracts, dual agency, fair housing, and metes and bounds-I am ready for you!! This may be a marathon but right now I am sprinting!!!!!