The Matrix

Do you remember the scene in The Matrix when they plugged that huge port into Neo's brain to start uploading information?  He laid there for hours accepting and compounding new information before putting it to the test in this new world called "the matrix."

That describes the atmosphere at Go Realty today.  It was our stars' first full day of training since passing the real estate class final exam.  They sat around the conference table and absorbed information like machines, asking insightful questions about every topic.  What impressed me most was how they each confidently applied knowledge from school to begin shaping their own view of how real estate should be done.

Check out this list of topics we covered on day one:

- Overview of the Triangle from a housing perspective
- Interviewing new buyers
- MLS Searches
- Realist program
- Wake County Tax Records
- The Offer to Purchase and Contract
- Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Buyers Agency Agreements

They also had a 45 minute "Thank You" session AND began entering contacts in their new database.

That is serious work people.  No special effects, no 3D animation.  Just pure hard work.  And it was really cool to the Matrix.