My Dream Job

Every kid had a slap bracelet, Hypercolor shirts were all the rave and I was starting fourth grade at Millbrook Elementary. Due to my father's job, my family had just moved down to Raleigh from Somers, New York. It was definitely a huge change for all of us; especially since we were temporarily staying at an apartment while my parents worked with a Real Estate Agent to find a new home for our family.

I really missed my friends and our neighborhood in New York, but I was also really excited about moving into a new house! I had two other siblings at the time, so I definitely wanted to call dibs on my bedroom first. I would always want to tag along with my parents while they went house shopping. Although this may have been boring to most kids, I on the other hand, loved it. I particularly enjoyed touring the Parade of Homes with them. Every house we went to had its own unique qualities. I liked some, while others just didn't seem to suit our family. We looked at so many houses. It was a pretty long process, but I will never forget the day that I had my first glimpse of the house that would soon be our home.

It was during the Parade of Homes that year when my parents and I left our apartment to go look at houses. My sister and brother stayed behind at the apartment. My parents had picked out a few houses that they wanted to visit from the big Parade of Homes book. I vaguely remember the first one we looked at, but I distinctly remember the second one. It had a stucco exterior, huge first floor and a bonus room and bathroom upstairs. I was running around the house trying to pick out my room when I overheard the Agent talking to my parents about a house across the street that was on last year's Parade of Homes but was still vacant. She said she could take us across the cul-de-sac to look at if we wanted to. I peeked out the window and looked across the street. I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight. From that moment on, I made it clear that I wanted my parents to buy the "third house" we saw.

Of course we didn't walk away with the keys that day. I remember being really determined, though. Whenever I heard my parents discussing their options, I would always be heard in the background yelling "I like the third house! I like the third house we saw!" Luckily my persistence paid off. My parents made an offer and it was accepted shortly thereafter. Whether it was true or not, I always thought I had something to do with them choosing our new home. It was an amazing feeling that I will never forget.

It's almost twenty years later now, and my parents still live in the same house. It's a walk down memory lane every time I go there. The neighbors have changed some, but other than some standard updates and remodeling, the house is still the same. To us it's not just where we live, it's a place where some our best memories were made. It's where our friends and family have gathered for various milestones in life. It was and still is a place of happiness and celebration - from graduations to weddings, to birthdays and anniversaries... there's definitely no shortage of fond memories. It's my sanctuary. Even if things aren't going as well as I want them to, I know I can go back to the "third house" and feel comforted again. I can watch TV in the same room I used to play Super Nintendo in, I can walk up the same stairs I used to run up as a child and sleep in the same room I used to do book reports in. It's an awesome feeling that I will never get tired of.

So recently, when I was trying to make a decision on whether Real Estate was really for me or not, I often thought of that lady sitting next to her business cards in the kitchen of that stucco house. If it wasn't for her, we probably wouldn't have ever found the home that we've made so many great memories in. The thought of being able to help another family find their dream home inspires me. I can't wait until I get my license so I can start helping other families just like she did for mine.