New School Year...New ME!!! GO JILL GO!!!

The countdown is on...School days are here again!!! Summer vacation was great when I was a kid. Long days at the lake. Weeks of fun, sun and fog at Popham Beach. Summer soccer with the best people in the world. A much needed break from academics and structure...

There were a few beach trips this summer. Lots of pool time with friends to beat the heat. This summer has been a very different summer for me...VERY DIFFERENT1!! It has been busy with the Durham Craft Market on sunny Saturday mornings with Alpha Mama Art. I have filled the last few weeks of summer with CHAOS!!! Tons of adventures at Go Realty and Real Estate School at HPW.

NOW it is school time for the little people in my world!! First grade for Brenna. She is going to LOVE it! Riley and Brady head into a new program too. This decision has been a HUGE one for Bob and I. They are going to do fantastic! I am the one that is going to be working hard adjusting and accepting to full time help. This is all new territory for me!!!

A new career, a growing Alpha Mama Art business and a new school year...looking so forward to this new adventure for myself and my family!!! GO JILL GO!!!