Not alone...GO JILL GO!!!

There is so much truth in the phrase "safety in numbers." I feel better today just knowing that I have so much in common with so many people.

I remember when the babies were tiny and I could look out the window and see a light on in Rita's house too. I was oddly happy she was awake too with one of her little ones. It just made me feel better knowing that I was not the only person awake at that moment.

Talking last night to a few friends about the kids heading back to school and daycare I realized more and more how similar we all are. The fears and the anxiety we have about it all seemed lessened as we talked about it all. Just knowing that we are not alone, in this thing we just call "life", makes me feel so much better. I can't be more thankful to know that just down street another mama or two are losing sleep and stressing just like me!!

Today a great friend of mine completed her first Iron Girl event. Julie has been an inspiration to me in so many ways-doing what she did today is just one more way that she amazes me. I wanted her to know that I would run with her this morning. She is in Maryland so that was not going to happen exactly the way we would have liked. But, I told her that she could have my fresh legs after her swim and bike and I would think about her the entire time I ran today. I had to keep running for her. I know that she was aiming for a time and ran as long as I thought she would be competing I RAN!! She needed to feel me running next to her. Julie sent me the picture of her and her medal after her event was done. Of course it brought tears to my eyes...Brenna, my 6 yr old, wanted to see Mrs. Julie's picture. So I showed her. Brenna said, "It sure looks like Mrs. Julie won!" I said to Brenna, "Mrs. Julie did WIN! She had a GREAT day!" I know that my 8 mile run today was silent and hot. I had a shirt on that said, "I RUN WITH JULIE." I was not alone and I ran the entire time with my dear friend Julie-an IRON GIRL!!!

We are not alone and that is the greatest part of this adventure.

"Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. "Pooh", he whispered.
"Yes Piglet?"
"Nothing," Said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw, "I just wanted to be sure of you."
Winnie the Pooh