As the end of summer approaches, so does my eldest son’s time at home. I anticipated his arrival from college, and now that departure time is upon us, I am sad. My baby is becoming a man and it is a little scary. He is entering his sophomore year of college.

Growth in whatever we do in our lives is a wonderful thing, but the anticipation of the outcome causes me some anxiety. As I watch my children grow up, I wonder where the time went. Burp cloths, Similac, and teething have been replaced by Polo shirts, Gatorade, and braces.

My growth as a real estate professional is going to be an exciting one. As I prepare for my exams, it brings back wonderful memories of my college days; late nights, long hours, and pots of coffee. I guess my son and I are on a similar journey.Although we both work hard to ensure our education gain is maximized, we are having fun along the way. I could not have asked for a better team of folks to take this journey with. Kudos to the GO Team!