These past few weeks have been some of the most exciting weeks of my life! I was lucky enough to be the first one to start filming for the show. We filmed at NC State University, with my wonderful family, and with my friends at church. It was great! We received our first challenge and I thought I would breeze through it. Boy was I wrong! I learned how important it is to have a good network. We started our first day of real estate class today and it went really well. Our teacher is awesome and very entertaining! It is a lot of material to take in at one time, but I can handle it. For me, the most difficult part has been figuring out Twitter! I have finally figured it out, thanks to Nam and Jill, and have successfully downloaded my apps to my awesome new iPhone 4! I am currently reading Crush It! (thanks Zach) and will hopefully be a social media expert by the time I am finished. I am so thankful for this opportunity of a lifetime!