Sometime you just KNOW...GO JILL GO!!!

During a warm-up in college I would know how I was going to play in a game...I just knew...I know that my coaches knew and my teammates knew. The preparation all week was to get ready for the whistle to blow and the game to start. I remember getting ready for our names to be announced and to stand proudly for the National Anthem.

I also remember talking to my coach knowing without a doubt that I was going to be great that day. I just knew it. I am sure that is arrogant or is it just confident. But I did know it! There really was no mystery. My defenders knew that we were going to have a great game together. Their arrogance/confidence was contagious too-no goal patrol. We just knew...When I was coaching I just knew...Is it because the passion I had for the game and the preparation that I put into the sport? I knew my athletes better than they knew themselves-believing in them and knowing that they were going to magic...I just knew...

My Bob just told me that I need to continue to believe in myself during this new journey...He is so right...Playing soccer I knew in my heart that I was ready to play that day...I knew physically I was so prepared to play that day...Passion, determination, competitive, loyalty, and pride was contagious and we had IT. We knew...Now I just need to know-all this new real estate stuff!!!

I worked this morning out in the Market and this afternoon I will create art. Tonight I will study so that I continue to know...Know that I can pass this exam, win this contest, sell wonderful homes, meet and cherish wonderful people...I am just to happy that Bob reminded me that I have to believe in me-he also said that "your heart is real and that is what you are and that is what people see and LOVE!" My heart is full! My confidence is rising...Today I am going to be GREAT! I just know! GO JILL GO!!!