Sometimes you just have to ask for HELP!

Get on Facebook and Twitter-ask for HELP...I have been talking about this adventure for a bit and my support was ready to help. I knew if I could get it out on FB I would reach a large group of my friends...I knew that most of the people I could reach were going to be a foundation for future opportunities. I LOVED IT. I was getting messaged from friends that just were one word-DONE! So awesome to know that they did that for ME!!!

I was raised to think "outside of the box." I try very hard to teach my children through my actions and my art to think and see life differently. This Reality Show is exactly that. Arming me with knowledge from a textbook and a foundation of support to work with is brilliant.

Shout it out to all that will listen was my next plan of attack. Why not try to reach out beyond my immediate friends? After a few hours, I started to think WILD ideas...Why not hit a few big names on Twitter? They just might press the link and see what we are up to. I think the concept that we are part of is genius.How about the major network TV stations? The media is always talking about unique ideas and ways to succeed with small businesses. They are always looking for a bright spot in the real estate market. Why not GO Realty? They need to see what we are doing here. So I tweeted. WHY NOT?? I kept thinking of more and more people that I wanted to share this with. So I tweeted more!

But...I never got anything completely done. Dinner was made...dishes not put into the dish washer...Laundry washed...but not folded and put was a mountain in the middle of our room.
As this journey continues, I am going to have to make time to put away the LAUNDRY!!!