Thank You! GO JILL GO!!!

A simple "THANK YOU". How do you express your gratitude to colleagues, mentors, clients, friends, and family? I am really having a hard time formulating the words that express my thankfulness. I don't want to over thank with just words. Sometimes words are heard but not always felt. I can only say thank you so many ways to so many important players in my life right now.

How do I possibly thank my family for what they have done for me this past month? The new routine, the adjustments, the sacrifices, the commitments and support of my new career adventure-there are so many important family members to thank for this support. How do I say a deep thank you to them all?

How about the instructor that taught me the A-Z's of the Real Estate world. I was able to pass a test because of the tools that Kim Frye gave me to succeed. How do I thank her for the opportunities that she has given me by presenting this whole new world to me? How can I possibly thank all of the Go agents that have supported and helped me along with this month of learning? I can't come up with strong enough words of gratitude to Jim Garman, Kevin Woody, and Zach Schabot.

I was talking with a few people today about thanking the big players in my life right now...The common thought was to thank by actions...Succeed and dazzle the players-that would be a direct reflection of my thankfulness.

I really want to send a huge THANK YOU card to so many people but I will show you ALL my appreciation as often as I can. Expect more thank you cards from me for sure, but most importantly, just know that I am very thankful for all of the opportunities and support that you ALL have given me...Thank You!!!