That Moment

I have always lived for that moment. I thrive on it. I love it when it happens, and I especially love it when it's unexpected.

I met the nicest couple tonight. After initially greeting them at their table, the couple explained to me that they hadn't been to Irregardless since coming a year ago with friends to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. They had a wonderful time and decided to come back again, only this time sans friends. Immediately, the pressure was on. I wanted to be sure that their experience tonight would be just as good, if not better, than last year's celebration.

I could tell that Jim and his wife, Jenny were truly in love. There was lots of laughter and smiles as they enjoyed their entrees and sipped on the Riesling that I had suggested. Afterwards, they shared a slice of Peanut Crunch Cake while Jenny had a steaming-hot cup of half-caf. They only had great things to say about the food and even humored me with small talk every time I stopped by to see how their dining experience was.

At one point, Jim asked me what my last name was. I could tell he had a reason for asking, and promptly told him. Jenny yelled, "NAM PHAM?!?" Laughter erupted, and I soon found myself telling them my parents' story of how they left Vietnam in the 70's to start their family here in the U.S. I could see all the different emotions stirring up in Jim's eyes he fondly spoke of the days that he was stationed in South Vietnam. He really wanted to share that story with me and I really enjoyed hearing it. It was that moment that I forgot that I had just met them an hour or so earlier.

Before I knew it, they had paid their tab and Jenny was finishing up her coffee. They had a lovely anniversary dinner and I had a wonderful time being a part of it. I enjoyed them so much that without thinking, and before they even had a chance to utter thank you, I found myself telling them what a great time that I had with them and how much I enjoyed meeting them.

Jim and Jenny had a great anniversary dinner and on their way out, only had great things to say about me to the hostess. They left happy and I was left with a reminder of why I have chosen a career in Real Estate. Although there is a chance that our paths will never cross again, it's that moment, that I will cherish forever. It's knowing that even though I'm just one person, I can still make a difference. That may not be enough driving force for others, but it definitely is for me. I live for that moment.

- Nam