This Isn't Your Father's Real Estate Company

I arrived at Go Cary this morning with next week's Real Estate exam on my mind. I was pretty nervous about the impending exam date. However, after having my personal tutoring session with Chris from HPW, I was left with some free time while I waited for Jina, Jill and Haley to have their own one-on-one sessions with Chris. I definitely needed to study more, but I really wanted a short break from all things pertaining to Real Estate.

Being well aware of where I was, I still decided to step away from the books and grabbed my iPhone to share some funny YouTube videos with Haley that I had seen recently. One thing lead to another and before I knew it, Zach was showing off his DJ skills on his iPad while sharing some interesting tidbits about Jim Garman, Kendall was using her iPad to draw pictures of people at the office and Candace and I were unknowingly photographed surrounded by a plethora of felines. This may have been faux pas at any other Real Estate company, but not at Go. Their wacky culture advocates it.

Go is different. The atmosphere there isn't stuffy. They don't frown upon innovation or make you dress a certain way. With an open floor-plan, they promote agents to interact with each other, while upbeat music and friendly staff set the convivial tone for everyone that enters. It's pretty hard not to have fun at Go.

For me, being a stressed out Real Estate student trying to juggle work, school and a Reality Show, physically being at Go reminds me of why I'm doing it. Some have said that I'm burning the candle from both ends. I definitely have a lot on my plate, but I also want to be the most prepared new agent out there. I couldn't imagine being at any other Real Estate company.

The sign outside the front door is right... This definitely isn't your father's real estate company. If it was, I wouldn't be there.