Time to Celebrate!

Jim Thome is a Major League Baseball player.  This week, he hit his 600th career home run, an accomplishment that puts him amongst an elite group of hitters...I mean, seriously elite.  Out of the thousands of men and women (yeah, I watched A League of Their Own) who have played Major League Baseball...there are 8.  The first to do it was Babe Ruth...80 years ago this week.  He was pretty good too.

But let's be honest, the celebration surrounding this accomplishment was underwhelming because  baseball has been a train wreck the last few years.  Instead of cheering for our favorite players we were watching them in congressional hearings.  Instead of calculating RBI's we were learning about HGH.  The negative press surrounding the game was disheartening.  Being a fan stopped being fun.

The last few years in real estate have felt pretty similar.  The weight of the recession and the negative press have been hefty.  The government intervention has been wide spread and unpredictable.  There was little to celebrate and the industry stopped having fun...and unfortunately...some people still can't have fun.  Sadly, by choice.  

Well not us!  Almost two years into Go Realty, we still have the "start-up" mindset.  Nimble enough to be innovative but established enough to have some street cred.  I hope we always stay that way.

Most importantly, we have not forgotten how to celebrate.  Putting together an innovative training program like the Go Reality Show may only be home runs 9 and 10 on our quest for 600 but why not celebrate?

Episode 1 got national attention.  The trailer for Episode 2 is live!  And the full episode is well underway in the editing room.  We have established a format for the challenges and a new scoring mechanism to give more prizes and more chances for interaction along the way.  Now we can stop giving out points ala Dumbledore - (50 points to Gryffindor!)

Celebrate the small wins with us!  We have 4 amazing people who are powering through one of the most intense real estate classes in the area.  They are crushing it and they need your encouragement!

Jim Thome worked hard to get to 600.  Aside from his crazy work ethic, he could not have done it without his family, his coaches, his teammates and his fans.

Neither can we.  Thanks!