Wax on, wax off

Today's challenge was BIG.  It was complex with a bunch of points up for grabs.  Since the stars had a day off from real estate class, we put them to work.

I felt a little like Mr. Myagi from Karate Kid.  Remember that movie?  To the untrained eye, it seemed like Myagi was making Daniel Larusso do all his minion work - waxing his cars, sanding his floors, painting his fence and house.

Come to find out, Myagi-San was simply teaching valuable lessons in unconventional ways.

While I could never posses the wisdom of a major motion picture actor like Pat Morita, I felt the same way about today's event...

1.  We asked the stars to use very specific labeling for their posts.  It allowed us to keep score and follow along more easily.  But it also taught them to pay attention to small details.  You will hear more about "space - dash - space" in future posts.  It is oddly important.  "Wax on..."

2.  They learned to use multiple forms of communication.  Some clients text, some video chat, and some want to sip sweet tea and chat.  They have to be comfortable using ALL forms of communication.  Especially the newest technologies.  The next generation of clients will expect it.  "Wax off..."

3.  We put two people in a car for 3 hours, driving around to see different homes.  Sound familiar?  We wanted them to practice the lost art of conversation for when they start working with buyers.  It's hard to keep a conversation going for three hours.  Try it.  "Uuuuup..."

4.  The videos helped them get comfortable in front of the camera.  Video is becoming less a novelty, and more a necessity.  See a neighbor?  Talk to them, ask them questions, get them to do a testimonial on video.  The neighbors are a great source of information that can only be gathered in person. "Dooown..."

5.  We gave them important landmarks to visit.  It is always good for agents to know where the NC Real Estate Commission and Association of REALTORS offices are... "Side to side.  Side to side..."

6.  Most importantly, we introduced them to the Glympse app.  It allowed us to track their progress throughout the day and we had some fun with it.  But this is a great tool for an agent to use when showing homes to someone they are meeting for the first time, or visiting an area they may not know very well.  There is no reason to neglect your personal safety.  "Look eye.  Always look eye..."

Too bad Daniel Larusso didn't have this app when he was running from the Cobra Kai.  Nice work today stars...you are all winners in my movie.