A Wild Ride

What a great week of learning, making choices, and meeting people-A WILD RIDE!!!!

I have been listening, learning and reviewing for class all week. We are entering our last week of the pre-broker licensing. Hours of contracts and interest math have my head spinning! It was time to check out a bit and have some social time. Real social time...not social media time!!! My time has been filled with family, filming, class, challenges and art. I was able to break away from the books and reality for a few hours and get together with some great people.

I was able to mix a few things together and have a great time at a Chamber of Commerce Happy Hour. I was able to catch up with some wonderful community members, including having a lengthy discussion with the Mayor of Garner which made for a great event! I was able to talk Alpha Mama Art and the Go Reality Show up. I was able to see my husband's parents out and about networking and enjoying a glass of wine. There is a great new eye doctor that just opened the doors to their new business 2 weeks ago...I met a new local real estate agent that just passed the exam in July with the same teacher that I currently have right now...Two great bankers from a small local bank...The owners of a children's consignment shop...The proud host of the event showing off his recent renovations to his great restaurant...Great conversations and excitement.

The last person I met was a gentleman that was very kind to listen to my exciting and wild story about art and a Real Estate Reality show!!! Further into the conversation we figured out that we are both from New England. Then is gets CRAZY!!! We were born in the same hospital. My six cousins went to school with him and his wife. One cousin was a teammate for years with this guy. BOTH of my parents went to college where his father went to college. My cousin and sister went to that same college too! Here we are in Garner, NC and our worlds collide around a small city in Vermont. You just never know who you are going to meet! It is a small world!!!

We make choices every day for some reason or another. As simple as what to have for lunch to huge decisions of where to send the kids to day care??? Some choices are major and others are simple and effortless. I have made more choices and decisions in the past month that are life changing. I know for some reason that I am supposed to make them. Are opportunities presented by chance or is everything supposed to happen for a reason? That is an age old debate.

Is timing everything? Or is it chance? Fate? A sign? Opportunity? I am just going to keep enjoying the ride!!! GO JILL GO!!!