When Do You Do Your Best Work?

My teammates and I went to Go Cary after a long day at school working with closing costs. We had a lot on our minds and needed time to just relax before we started our homework. It was nice to sit down and talk with the Go Team. A very insightful man, Jim Garman, was telling us stories about the things that have shaped him into the man he is today. He had to take a personality test to get an internship and one of the questions was, "When do you do your best work?" The multiple choice answers were: A. when you are juggling different tasks, B. when you have clear directions, C. whenever you feel like it, and D. when you are under pressure. He asked us how we would answer and of course I gave the "textbook" answer: "when I am under pressure or juggling different tasks." I figured one of those had to be the "right" answer. Jim answered, "whenever you feel like it." He explained that when people feel like doing work, they will put out their best work. For example, if someone is not a morning person, they probably will not be as productive if they come in to work at 7 compared to coming in at 10 or 11. I learned a very valuable lesson today; if I love what I do, I will always want to do my best work. It doesn't matter if I am under pressure or juggling a lot of tasks, I will not consistently produce my best work unless I love it. So far, I am enjoying real estate but enjoying working with everyone at Go Realty even more!