The Final Countdown

These past seven weeks have been amazing! I am definitely equipped with everything I need to start my career in real estate. Everyone at Go Realty has made sure we were exposed to all of the materials we need to get started. We have done power lunches which were very helpful. It was interesting to see how each agent runs their business. They were all different, but almost all of them had one thing in common: developing a database. We are using MoreSolds. Through this program, we can store and manage all of our contacts. I am working on developing my database right now. The Go Reality Show also allowed us to do a mock transaction. I was able to work with a buyer and fill out the paper work needed to buy a house. We even went to a mock closing with the lawyer, Jeff Jones. It was good for me to actually go through the motions and see exactly what I needed for both sides of the transaction. All I need to do now is pass the state exam and I am in business!

P.S. Don't forget about voting tomorrow, Monday, September 19th on the Go Realty Facebook page. Please write: "When I am ready to buy/sell a house, I am going to call Haley." Thanks so much!!!