Go Lee 3 Team!

I had such a great time at yesterday's Power Lunch with Jane and Jordan Lee. It was really interesting to see how the mother and son team got started in Real Estate and began working together. Combined, they make up two-thirds of the Lee 3 Team. I haven't met Gene yet, but I bet together, they are a riot.

For much of the hour we got to listen to Jane tell us stories of how she started full-time in Real Estate during a recession. Even in those circumstances, she still had over $4 million in transactions her first full year as an Agent! My favorite part had to be when unbeknownst to her son, Jane pulled out a big frame filled with pictures of Jordan in his younger years. I immediately thought of the first episode when my mom told her most memorable story about me as a child. Although it was a true story, I didn't think that EVERYONE needed to know that I had an abnormally large appetite as a kid...

It was really good to see that even when the economy is not at its best, it's still possible to be really successful. It all comes down to self-discipline and staying focused on your goals. It helps if you love what you do too.

- Nam

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