Homes...Homes...HOME! GO JILL GO!!!

All last week we hit a new level of digging into HOMES! We have been working really hard on a "pretend" listing. Exploring the ins and outs of the selling agent world. Preparing to launch my real estate adventure into full force with proper preparation is KEY! We prepped for hours digging into a home that we had never even seen. Navigating through MLS and tax records. Searching other homes for sale in the neighborhood. Finding recently sold homes that compare. Pulling together warranty paper work to present to the "sellers". Researching a professional home staging company to make for the best prepared home on the block! Practiced the entire presentation and polished the unique details that need to be impressed upon the potential clients. They would be crazy not to pick me to sell their home. (Even though they are not even going to list their property...just practicing...) Finally entering their home was awesome. I felt like I already knew so many facts and details about their home, property, and the neighborhood. Listening to the owner give a tour felt like we were finally playing in the HOME! The details and upgrades that the family has in their home are fantastic. The layout came to life after reading the engineer's floor plan so many times. The childrens' rooms, playroom, master bedroom and the unique family room and open kitchen were perfect! I was in a home and so ready to convince the couple to choose ME. I know I can sell that HOME! Even if we are pretending!!!

Where would you live if you had no limits and circumstances holding you back? A wonderful agent that we had the privilage of meeting this week knows a zip code like no one else we have met so far. She has such a finger on the pulse of the community and the wonderful people that live there. I bet she knows where one of her clients should buy before they even figure that out for themselves. They find their home...She was right!!! Equally as impressive is her business partner/son. Energetic, determined, kind and a great young leader in the industry!

Where would you live if you had no limits and circumstances holding you back? Would that home be in a great neighborhood in Durham? Or a beach house on the North Carolina shore? A horse farm in Garner? Or a brand new development in Holly Springs? How about a mountain home in Colorado or a summer home in Maine? Any where...Where would you live?

I have been traveling all weekend and have had a great time. The rolling farmland from North Carolina to the Roanoke Valley made for a picturesque trip. We loved the drive and the final destination of Salem, Virginia. That is a GREAT community and we had a FUN weekend of Arts and Crafts. The city was out in full force and it was bursting with life. Would you live there? It is just wonderful!!!

So excited to begin another week of GO Real Estate Training. Ready to meet new contacts and listen to their passions and stories...HOMES...Makes me so HAPPY to be HOME this afternoon to prepare for the week ahead.

I am not exactly sure where I would pick if I could pick ANYWHERE to live, but I do know one thing and that is...Wherever it is...I do know one thing for sure..."There is no place like home!"