I Heart Go

Christine started out today's Power Lunch saying that she didn't have a 'system' like a lot of the other Agents we had Power Lunches with. I beg to differ. Her system might not fit in a spreadsheet, but it's definitely a system that works!

Go Agent, Christine Danko is one of the most personable people I've met. She has a system that uses various outlets to network such as serving as assistant girl scout troop leader and volunteering at the animal shelter. She's also an avid 'Go Green' supporter and is involved with a BNI group.

Throughout the delicious meal at An, Christine shared with us several 'Realtor Horror Stories.' Although they were all really interesting, I really hope that none of those things ever end up happening to me later on! After her unsuccessful attempt of scaring us out of Real Estate, she decided to go the other route and gave us tons of advice to help us out when we become Agents such as methods on how answer difficult questions involving Fair Housing Laws. She also and gave us different ideas for using MLS and helped us get a better understanding of how offers and counteroffers worked during negotiations.

Christine was really helpful and answered all of our questions. She is very approachable and I look forward to working with her and everyone else at Go. Everyone has been so helpful and supportive. I am so lucky to have such great people around me.

The last seven weeks have been really incredible. It's been tough though - I've never had to learn so much new knowledge in so little time before. I probably could not have done it alone though. I am humbled that so many people have donated their time, energy and knowledge in helping me succeed. It has been such a positive and memorable experience that I will hold onto forever. Thank you to everyone involved in making the Go Reality Show such a success!

- Nam