Knowledge is Power

The past couple of days at Go have been awesome. On Tuesday I met with Kevin Woody for my first one on one. I now have a clearer understanding of how my first 90 days in Real Estate will be like. It's very reassuring to have someone with his experience and credentials as Broker in Charge. We also had our first Power Lunch with special guest, Michelle Meyer. I was excited to hear about how her first years as an Agent were. I definitely realize that these lunches that Jim and Zach have scheduled for us with different Real Estate Agents in the area are going to be very helpful as I start my career. I certainly have my own ideas of how the first few years as an agent will be like, but learning about how successful agents from different companies and backgrounds started out will be invaluable.

With yesterday's Power Lunch still fresh on my mind, I was eager to meet Ashley Wilson for today's Power Lunch. She shared her system with us and has proven that it definitely works! I can't believe the earning potential as a Real Estate Agent. Being a very systematic person, the meeting with Ashley today left me really excited about the possibilities.

After lunch, we began our Listing exercise. Zach and Jim have begun showing us the different steps in listing a house by setting up a mock listing. Role-playing a mock listing will definitely help when it comes time for my first meeting with potential sellers. All this backstage knowledge will be so useful when I become an Agent. Again, I feel lucky to be privy to it.

We are in our final weeks of the Reality Show and I couldn't be more excited. I've poured my heart and soul into this project and I am anxious to get my license so that I can start my business. All the knowledge from class coupled with all the advice from everyone I've met through the Go Reality Show will definitely help jump start my career in Real Estate! I can't wait!

- Nam