Mexican Food and Listing Presentations

It was another exciting day at Go today! After Zach shared with us his Listing Presentation, I went with Haley and Jill to Bravo's Mexican Grill for our Power Lunch with Go Agents, Jenn Cole and Dave Thomas. We learned a little about their own Listing Presentations as well as how they got started in Real Estate. Basing it on their success, I was surprised to learn that they had only been in the business for 3 and 4 years, respectively. I'm loving all the information we are getting from these power lunches. It may be the best idea ever - and not just because of the free lunch! It's so awesome to have the opportunity to meet with so many different agents before even getting my license! I'm hoping everything I've learned from these Power Lunches makes the transition into the Real Estate world a little bit easier.

We also started practicing our Listing Presentations today. Not only did it give me ideas for my own listing presentation, but it also made me realize how much Go cares about the quality of their services. The fact that every listing at Go has its own website is incredible. Each house even has its own web address! With the expertise of a professional stager and photographer, the photos come out amazing. The photographer even provides a Virtual Tour of the house. It's obvious why we take these extra steps and expenses. The results are breathtaking.

Everything I've learned today made me even more excited to be a part of a Go. It's unlike any other Real Estate company. We don't want to just meet expectations here, we strive to exceed them.

- Nam

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